Need Help Regarding Full & Final Settlement

Posted by - Neha Sharma

Hello Sir,

I've been working with a private Limited Company from January 2009 to January 2014. After acceptance of my resignation, they have given me a letter stating that we will issue Full & Final sheet to you; on acceptance of the same we will pay your dues within a month. Actually, last year they have done the salary increment in July 2013 and issued appraisal letter to everybody as the increment is effective from April 2013. However they did not pay anybody the pending appraised amount for April, May & June 2013. By this time they have started another company and started delaying the salary to everyone. If anybody asks them for the salary they will tell them that company is on loss.

As per the full & final statement, my 3 months arrears, November's Pay, January's pay & Gratuity is pending. I'm following up for this on mails from February; there is not even a satisfactory reply from them. 

Now what can I do to get my pending amount from them, can anybody help me regarding the same.

Thank You
Neha Sharma


Oct 28, 2014 12:38 PM

Hi, Contact their HR and accounts department regarding your F&F. They will settle your all the dues, if not then you can lodge the notice through labour court.