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Hiring For Admin Assistant!!!!!!!

Job Description: Data Processing, Web Researching, Data Mining, Virtual Assistance ,Customer Support and Mailing List Development. Key Skills:       MS-Office.     Internet Knowledge and Good Typing Speed & ...

Posted by - Priyanka Priyanka Sen

Why Human Resource Audit Is Compulsory

Conducting an HR audit can also help an organization comply with the law as part of an effective overall risk management strategy. Such due diligence helps uncover any potential problems before a government inspector comes calling, or the organization is faced with a human rights claim or wrongf ...

Posted by - Neha Neha Sharma

Enquiry For Compliances Institute

repected seniours pls tell me any institute name of cmpliances training in dehradoon and chandigarh ...

Posted by - Rajeev Rajeev Tiwari

Hire Slow & Fire Fast

A lot of start-ups hire fast and fire slow. A bias for speed combined with the pressure for high growth drives many leaders to be quick to hire (“We need to fill this role now!”) but slow to remove underperforming employees because they’re busy and would rather put off the ...

Posted by - Admin Admin Hrdguru